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Necklace Non c’è rosa


Harmless glass thorns compose this resolute but only apparently aggressive creation that frames the face with elegance and originality.


Blown glass and sandblasting




Murano glass
Rat tail cord, 1,5mm diameter, grey color
Section PVC, 6mm diameter, dark grey color


Dark brown


Lenght: 60cm
Width elements: from 1cm to 2,5cm
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“NON C’È ROSA” There’s no rose, there are just thorns in this necklace which can be worn in two different ways, as a round-neck necklace or as a long necklace. Monochromatic and enriched by the sandblasted element, it is composed of a sequence of ten dark brown Murano glass elements that are blown by mouth and hot-worked. It is realized with a rat tail cord, short PVC’s segments (Ø 10 mm) and a glass necklace latch.


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