Sixteen blown glass spheres compose the most classic creation like a precious strand of pearls. The linear and refined necklace shows balanced colour shades and transparencies. The bracelet with its innovative but comfortable shape adorns the wrist decorating it with style.


Blown glass


Necklace: 190gr; Bracelet: 50gr.


Murano Glass
Rat tail cord
PVC pipe, 10 mm diameter, dark grey


Light blue, transparent grey and red


Necklace Lenght: 66cm
Necklace Weight Element: da 3,3cm a 3,7cm
Bracelet Size: 18cm

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The autumn leaf color meets the grey clouds in the series “AUTUNNO”, refined composition with 16 beads made ​​of Murano glass mouth blown and shaped hot, held together by a thin rat-tail closure with red glass purple. The sky colour contrasts the Autumn leaves red. A bracelet to describe a season. COLOR d’AUTUNNO is constituted by a blown by mouth and hot-worked Murano glass bead, a PVC tube (Ø 10 mm) and a black double-round elastic.


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