Necklace Baffuta


The shape catches the brand's stylistic identity intensely and harmoniously. This blown glass composition is the result of the vision of a suggestive and refined accessory.


Blown glass




Murano glass
Rat tail cord grey color, 1,5 mm diameter
PVC Tube, 6mm e 10mm diameter, dark grey color


Black, avocado green, blue and clear aquamarine


Lenght: 60cm
Diameter Elements: from 4,5cm to 5,5cm
Thickness elements: from 1,5cm to 2cm
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The “BAFFUTA” necklace is distinguished by its modern and original design and by the colour black which is the protagonist of the composition and finds itself close to another avocado and blue element. The transparent and dark aquamarine coloured bead lights up the creation. This necklace is composed of Murano glass beads that are blown by mouth and hot-worked, gray PVC’s segments (Ø 10 mm) and a glass necklace latch.


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