Necklace Ponte


An architectonic structure in the form of a necklace. Light and original, this work shows the futuristic and basic style of the brand.


Blown glass , cutting and grinding




Murano glass
Rat tail cord petroleum blue, 1,5 mm diameter
PVC with rectangular section 10mm x 6mm
PVC round tube, 6mm diameter
Nickel free metal thread


avocado green, black, ivory, petroleum blue


Lenght: 57cm
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Shape, essence and originality distinguish the “PONTE” necklace. Ivory and green contrast against the monochromatism of other elements which seem to remain balanced around the neck. The flat bead cut at cold reveals the coulor black which is hidden inside.
The necklace is composed of Murano glass elements that are blown by mouth, hot-worked and fixed on a rectangular section PVC segment using a nickel free metal thread, and a glass necklace latch.


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