Light, versatile pendant necklace, and blown glass bracelet inspired by the colours of the sea and the waves' foam that becomes the decoration of the blown glass elements. A lively, versatile composition.


Blown glass


Necklace: 80gr; Bracelet: 65gr;


Murano Glass
Double elastic black round
PVC pipe, 10 mm diameter, dark gray


Aquamarine, transparent aquamarine, aquamarine mottled and dark orange


Necklace Lenght: 45,5 cm;
Bracelet Size: 16,5 cm.

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TRIO MARINO is a lively pendant necklace made of Murano glass blown by mouth and hot-worked. It’s realised with a peculiar technique specific for creating sea waves striping. The transparent central bead constitutes the light spot in this creation. It’s completed adding a thin grey rat tail cord, two small rectangular PVC sections and a glass latch. Glass elements are not fixed one another so the cord’s length can be changed easily.
The DUE MARI bracelet is composed by two blown by mouth and hot-worked Murano glass elements that wrap the wrist with an elegant striping and the aquamarine brightness. It’s realised with a PVC tube (Ø 10 mm) and a black double-round elastic.


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