This creation hangs in the balance between rule and idea.

That’s the limit glass can agree to, an edge beyond which, its nature starts to prevail again. Its susceptibility to change is the absolute principle that has to be respected. Its vitality is tied to a precise working time, to decisive instants. Glass is a nervous, living material that passes through the solid/liquid/solid states of matter beginning as a simple glass stick and then turning to a glass object.

It’s not that important for glass to perceive its own change, what really matters for its integrity is the return to its chemical composition. A compact shape makes it simpler to reach and keep its solidity. To add elements that hangs out from its outline and that are applied during the working process using heat as the adhesive substance among the different parts, means we are pretty complicating the glass cooling process so this will have to be calibrated carefully in its new shape.

Murano glass is a high quality glass which preserves its chromatic features and its structure through time. After its transformation it will have to find back all the peculiarities that make it so prestigious. To unbind Murano glass from the tradition means not to diminish its value but use its versatility in order to go beyond its limit, with respect.

Difficulty, fulfilment of the idea, manual skill and a long experience in hand crafting create quality.