Necklace Come la metti la metti terra rossa

Necklace Come la metti la metti terra rossa


Light necklace with elastic string and a contemporary design created to frame the face with its light blown glass elements that are delicately decorated.

Blown glass
Murano Glass
Double elastic white round
PVC pipe, 10mm and 6mm in diameter, dark grey
Red light purple, red tile, black and grey transparent
Length: 60 cm
Weight: 90 gr

“COME LA METTI LA METTI TERRA ROSSA” is composed of two parallel Murano glass elements that are blown by mouth, hot-worked and decorated with opaque and transparent glass fragments. The combination of the two shades of red distinguishes the half moon element. The necklace is completed adding a PVC’s tube (Ø 10 mm and Ø 6 mm) and a double round elastic. “COME LA METTI LA METTI TERRA ROSSA” has a modern, basic design where the various parts seem to run one after another; it’s created without any latch, easy to wear, comfortable and thought to frame the face. It can be worn on the neck in different positions.

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