The ideal stylistic expression of the brand, composed of a series of elements with different volumes, a sandblasted surface exalting the shininess of the glass, and a silver leaf that enriches the creation. The perfect combination with a researched design.

Blown glass, sandblasting and silver leaf application
Necklace: 140gr; Bracelet: 50gr;
Murano Glass
Mouse tail cord
PVC tube, diameter 10 mm, dark grey
PVC square section 6mm x 6mm x 10mm light grey
Double elastic black round
Green and Black
Necklace Lenght: 62cm
Necklace Weight Elements: from 1,3cm to 3,5cm
Bracelet Size: 17cm;

This composition shows a refined design and a harmonious, linear and elegant movement created by elements with different volumes. A bright colour black and a silver leaf let the green emerge from the finely sandblasted central element of the necklace. The creation is completed by PVC tube segments (Ø 10 mm). Its Murano glass elements, blown by mouth and hot-worked are kept together by a thin rat tail cord and closed by a glass disc.
The LUCESABBIA bracelet is composed by a blown by mouth and hot-worked Murano glass bead, a PVC tube (Ø 10 mm) and a black double-round elastic. Dark glass threads are applied one by one on the green bead. The sandblasting exalts the shapes and rigorous style of this creation.

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