Set Non c’è Rosa

Set Non c’è Rosa


The thorny necklace is combined with the earrings to create an elegant, captivating game which is the expression of the research of the essence and new shapes to be worn.

Blown glass and sandblasting
Necklace: 270 gr; Earrings: 10 gr each;
Murano glass
Rat tail cord, 1,5mm diameter, grey color
Section PVC, 6mm diameter, dark grey color
Silver wire 925
Dark brown
Necklace Lenght: 60cm
Necklace Thickness elements: from 1cm to 2,5cm
Earrings Length: 7,5cm
Earrings Thickness elements: 1,2cm

“NON C’E’ ROSA” only thorns for this necklace that can be worn in two different ways, choker or long. Consists of a sequence of 10 elements in Murano glass blown and shaped by hot dark brown. Monochrome, embellished with a finely sanded item. Packaged with a thin gray mouse tail, small sections of PVC and closing glass .
Elegant beads Murano glass mouth blown and shaped hot, packed with 925 silver hooks up the pair of earrings “SOLO SPINE”.

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